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One of my RIRs has bloody feet from the other hens picking on her. They are pullets that are laying. I've tried cleaning the injured area with peroxide and triple anti-biotic cream then covering the area with the blu-kote spray to cover up the red wounds. It heals, then just when I think she's out of the woods the others peck her again and reopen the injured areas. Removing her is not a option for I do not have a hospital coop. I don't want to trim any of the beaks of the other chickens. I don't know if there is anything I can put on her feet that will help her heal, and discourage other picking. A million dollar idea would be a sock to fit her feet and the talons can poke out the ends. Kind of like a glove with the fingers cut off. Thanks for any ideas and replies. The other chickens are one other RIR and four black sex-links. All pretty much the same age.
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How about wrapping her toes in VetWrap - it's inexpensive, easy to use, and self-sticking. I get it at the feed store. When my RIR had bumblefoot I wrapped her foot every day for a while - it stayed in place very nicely. It worked out best to cut it into thinner strips - I cut it into about 1" strips. Just make sure it's not wrapped too tightly and that she can move all her toes freely. Good luck!

Just wanted to add: a bandange scissor is great for removing VetWrap from a squirming hen - darn it, was trying to post a picture but it won't copy - it's one of those scissors with angled blades and one blunt-ended blade.
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You might try giving your hens some mealworms, do they freerange at all? It sounds like they may be bored, or wanting some protein!! You can also give them meat scraps, etc. That keeps mine from picking on each other, they just chase each other around the yard to get the scraps!
as far as wrapping her feet, you could try thin strips of fabric like muslin wrapped around the legs and toes, secured with medical tape. It would be breathable so the wounds could heal, and it would prevent more damage.

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