Chicken with clear runny nose.


Jun 14, 2018
Me and my husband got a new chicken to add to our flock. She is in quarantine at the moment. I have noticed she has clear discharge coming from her nares. It’s not from the water dish. She has no other symptoms. Eats, drinks, and acts completely normal. No wheezing or labored breathing at all. Her poop is also mostly normal, she has occasional runny poop but I think that’s just Cecal poop. Is the clear nasal discharge something to be concerned about? Any advice appreciated! I just want to make sure once quarantine is over I’m not introducing any illness into my flock.


May 30, 2020
Most likely a mild respiratory disease. Most common ones are Infectious Coryza and Mycoplasma Gallisepticum (MG). Normally Infectious Coryza comes with a foul fishy-like smell, while MG does not. While antibiotics can manage symptoms, these are chronic diseases that she’ll carry for life and potentially spread through eggs to her offspring (if you choose to breed her.) Best way to know what she is dealing with would be to get her tested. If you’re in the US, I can give you some helpful links to great labs that do live testing. If you’re not worried, then feel free to treat with antibiotics whenever symptoms resurface. Antibiotics such as, Tylan 50, LA-200, Denegard, Penicillin and Amoxicillin can help.


Feb 18, 2021
San Martin, Peru
Sounds very minor. If you wait for the symptom to go away you can probably introduce her to the others. If she is of laying age and showing no symptoms, i wouldn't be worried.

I would clean her nose with a towel and give her some aspirin, see if she doesn't improve. I would not antibiotic a quarantine bird because you don't want to introduce mg or coryza to your flock. But it's not certain she has that either.

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