Chicken with crooked, shaking neck

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    Feb 29, 2016
    I have a 21 week old buff orpington who I found this morning with a neck twisted to the side and if she tries to move it, it just shakes uncontrollably. I found her this am when I opened their coop up for the day. On Sunday morning, we had another situation where a buff, same age, was found laying down with no control over her head. Beak was up, eyes down. She was still alived, but couldn't move her head. Any thoughts as to what this may be? Neither have visible wounds.
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    Hey there, it seems like your hen has wry neck. This medical condition occurs mainly to chicks but can also be targeted toward adults as well. This damage is caused by either the hen has drank water with algae in it or she has a lack of vitamin E. What I would do to cure it is to follow these steps below.

    Step 1: remove your hen from the coop as soon as possible, and quarantine her.

    Step 2: you will need to purchase supplements of vitamin E for food or water, a product that might work in this case is the Save-A-Chick vitamin. Although try to get a more efficient supplement if possible.

    Step 3: once you retrieved your supplement, feed it to your hen twice or three times a day

    Step 4: keep continuing this lifestyle unit the hen is fully recovered. Once recovered, put her back and assimilate her to the flock again.

    Hoped this helped! ~ Sunshine Ducky
    PS: if you don't like this method there are plenty of other articles online about this condition and many different ways to cure it.
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    As the poster above said she probably has Wry neck a vitamin deficiency specifically E and selenium.Another common cause of Wry neck is Head injury's which cant be cured.Keep her isolated with food and water.For the best result buy Vitamin E pills and Selenium tablets at Walgreens ect.


    400iu off vitamin e once a day

    25mcg of selenium once a day

    You can put these in water and put it in her mouth with a 3cc syringe.Wry neck can be symptoms of many diseases such as Mareks.
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