chicken with droopy head...What's wrong with her???


In the Brooder
8 Years
May 4, 2011
I have a 4 month old buff Orpington hen that when I went to put them up for the nite she was sitting in the corner ( I thought she was asleep ) but when I went to pick her up her head hung low and she seems lethargic. She walks slowly but then drops down and her head falls to the ground...I've just started letting my very annoying male duck out with the girls and I caught him bothering the hens here and there but for the most part I figured they'd run from him. Could he have hurt her neck by grabbing her or is this a sign of somthing else? She did try to eat and drink a bit when I isolated her but basically fell asleep with her face in the food after a few bites. I love this hen! She is so pretty and sweet...Help me!!!

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