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    Mar 15, 2009
    please help my silkie rooster's leg got stuck under the coop when my husband was moving it he doesnt act like it is to bad but he holds it up when standing still but he will walk on it but it is swollen on top where it was stuck is there anything i can do to help him thank you
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    Apr 20, 2009
    First, feel the bone to make sure it's not broken. If it's not, likely he's bruised it badly. If the latter is the case, keep him in a smaller area for a couple of days (with easily reached food and water) to keep him from overusing the leg and causing him stress. Then reevaluate after a couple of days.

    You can also use aspirin in the water as follows:
    from MSUCares /

    Used as a general treatment for reducing distress conditions of birds (fever or listlessness) that accompanies many diseases.

    Dissolve five (5 grain) aspirin tablets in one gallon of water.

    Offer this solution free-choice to the birds for the duration of an illness. The solution aspirin equivalent to 25 grains/gallon or 324 mg/gallon of drinking water. The dosage rate is about 25 mg/lb body weight per day.

    (5 grain aspirins are labeled as being 325mg)

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