chicken with lump on chest...


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May 24, 2011
our chicken has developed a lump on he chest and has been breathing with her mouth open the last few days.. what could it be? fowl Px maybe?
thanks for your help!
<3 lori
Is the lump on the right side between the neck and chest?

If so, it is the crop, and is perfectly normal. The crop is where they store food, before digestion. It will go down overnight, as they digest. It will fill up again as they eat.
It could be a problem if it is hard and doesn't go down (impacted), ferments and gets sour (sour crop) or gets large and feels/looks like a big old water balloon (pendulous crop)


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no, Chickens are sweet, i dont think it is.. it felt like it was jsut next to her breast bone...
p.s. thanks for ur quote on the land of the free because of the brave, my husband is in the Army

thanks so much for helping guys!

<3 lori
thank you!
we were worried about the open mouth breathing... but it coulda been she was just hot, they all roost lumped together like when they were babies
thanks so much
will do chickens are sweet. and thanks so much to you and IMP for helping with this... i was thinking it was possibly gapeworm too

thanks so much we will get to the bottom of it and i will let u guys know!: )
it sucks there are NOOO poultry vets here.. its all equine, bigger animals it SUCKS!

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