Chicken with maggots on her bum.

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    Aug 1, 2013
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    Eight days ago I found one of my silkies with maggots on her bum. She was in bad condition and with a huge flesh wound. I thought I was going to loose her. I followed the medical protocol for caring for the wound on one of the forums. This is such a great site. Happy to report that she seems to have rounded the corner. She is now eating it very little but she is. She is also a bit stronger. But still very weak. Her wound no longer shows any maggots and the smell of infection is gone...however she has I suspect a two plus month journey before I can return her to the great outdoors. This morning I did decide a visit to the other three girls was in order. The three other silkies stopped laying last Friday when I removed Dolce (the injured hen) from the flock. Not one of them has payed an egg. So today I decided that maybe they needed to see her and maybe that would make her happy as well and help her heal. I carried her outside and sat on the grass with her. Her best friend ran over to her and layer down at her feel and rolled onto her side. They clucked at each per which brought tears to my eyes since my girl has made little to no noise since her injury. I let her peck at the grass a bit and The other two came over and then they started to walk off together after about a minute or so. Sadly I picked up Dolce at that point and brought her back inside. Her wound could never be outside with flys etc.. But I have never seen something so sweet in my life as her best buddy laying down at her feet. I will bring her outside for a visit everyday but only long enough so that they see each other and there are no flys. The second one comes anywhere near....visit is over! I figure a two minute visit is good for all!
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    Ah! I'm so glad your girl is improving. Maybe you could bring her friend in for visits. I'm sure it would make her happy, You would need to just watch them closely in case pecking started.

    I agree with ya....this is a great site. I learn something new every day. A product called Nutri- Drench for poultry has been recommended several times to help an ill duck or chicken recover. It has vitamins and calories in it..... I had my little feed store order it for me. Sounds like something I need to keep on hand.

    Look forward to hearing all about her continuing improvements. [​IMG]
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    There is a product called SWAT (in the horse section) that several people have mentioned on this thread to put on wounds so flies won't get on them. Maybe you should try it so she can be with her friends.

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