Chicken with necrotic foot any ideas?

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    Hi I have been a member for awhile but have never needed to post a question until now. (most of my questions are answered by other posters) anyway... One of my chickens foot is turning black, all the toes are black and cold and the pad area is swollen. The chicken just hops around on her other foot and she seems healthy is eating and drinking. Bringing her to the vet isn't an option for us. I was just wondering if anyone had input on what to do? Should we just let her continue (you can tell it does cause her some pain) or should we just euthanize her? Or any other ideas?
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    If the foot has died< then there is probably two or three choices... First off is to do nothing and let nature take its course, but that will or might cause suffering, second is an amputation... which might or might not help the poor girl, third would be to humanely cull... If the foot is left to "rot" she will feel poorly due to toxins getting into her bloodstream, and so on and so on. As most here do say.. a chicken will act "normal" just to protect itself from the rest of the opportunistic flock ..... Good luck. No one wants to kill a pet but if she were mine, I might hold her for a while and give her a bunch of good yummy treats, then put her out of misery that will certainly get worse not better... My 2 cents.
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