Chicken with no feet


5 Years
Apr 28, 2014
Uggg...This past winter one of our chickens sneaked out of the coop one evening during feeding time when it was a 20 below night, she was out all night and part of the next day until we found her. Her feet must have gotten frost bitten because she lost the whole foot on one side and now has a stump and lost half of her toes on the other side. She can hobble around and uses her wing as kind of a crutch, she does come out of the coop in the morning and goes back in at night by herself but just lays in the yard most of the day and obviously she can't scratch for food but she does eat grass and bugs plus we put food by her at feeding time but she is an easy target for a hawk, which we have plenty of.

We have been debating what to do with her, hubby thinks we should give her the axe, I can't decide if its a crueler to let her live or to end her life. What do you think? Has anyone had a chicken with no feet? She is a beautiful Ameraucana and its just a shame but I don't want her to suffer either if she is. Thanks for your input.

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