Chicken with swollen foot on antibiotics?


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Sep 4, 2008
Hi Everyone,

Last week Thursday we noticed one of the chickens was favouring her leg and it was swollen. On Friday I googled and thought it was Bumblefoot. However there was no black spot on the sole of her foot. Saturday morning it seemed no better, but the chicken was fine, just not putting her leg down.

We have had several rescue chickens and normally, they get sick and then are dead about 24 hours later. So I decided to take her to the vet ( I didn't want to leave her in pain until Monday).

The vet didn't think she had hurt her foot and didn't think it was bumblefoot either. She put in a needle but nothing came out from the top or bottom of the foot. She also mad a small incision in the sole of her foot, but there was nothing there.

She prescribed a pain killer and 2 antibiotics. We changed the dressing on Sunday evening and took it off this morning. I was very surprised to see that it is still swollen up. I was expecting to see some reduction in swelling as one antibiotic was started on Saturday and the other on Sunday morning.

Anyway the chicken still appears to be fine in herself, eating and drinking. The vet said to bring her back in a week for a check up. I told her she would either be better or dead. I am just surprised this has gone on so long, compared to how quickly I have seen chicken fail. I am just wondering if antibiotics should be working like I imagine in humans. You see some result after 24 to 48 hours?

I have also been looking at infection treatments before antibiotics and found some poultice recipes. Has anyone used anything like this?

Please see here for two photographs of the top and bottom of both feet.

Thank you for any comments.
Hi Everyone,

One course of antibiotic finished this morning and the other one will be this evening. The hen still appears to be eating and drinking well, happy in herself. Apart from holding her foot up, but she is putting it down more.

The swelling appears to have gone down slightly, but this could be wishful thinking on my part.

It is now the bank holiday weekend, so the next time I can take her to the vet's is Tuesday. If anyone has any comment, I would be grateful for some input.

Just an update.

The foot swelling went down eventually. After 3 weeks it was still slightly swollen. It is now down completely. We never took her back to the vet as the leg appeared to be getting better bit by bit.

I am wondering if some sort of poultice might have been better?

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