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Mar 11, 2020
Hudson, CO
We had a sick chicken and I posted a thread about putting her back with the flock after isolation. Thank you for your suggestions! She is doing ok - the other chickens for the most part ignore her and no one is actually pecking her - only dashing towards her a bit. Normal behaviour I think - as they all do that a bit with each other as they establish pecking order. But she has decided she is just afraid and now won't come out of the coop at all. She is getting plenty of food and water as she is the only one in the coop most of the time. If any hen comes in, she jumps onto the roost till they leave. I go in a couple times a day and she lets me pick her up and pet her, peeping the whole time. Do you think she will ever go out with the rest of them? They are all about 15 - 16 weeks. She is on the roost when they come in for the night and gets right in with them to stay warm . She has been in the coop for over a week. I feel bad she is getting no sunshine (other than the bit that comes in the window of the coop), dust baths, grit from eating treats off the ground or just being relaxed and socialized. How can I help her? Thank you!! :)


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Jul 16, 2015
She's probably bottom hen, and not feeling well by the sounds of it. She's better off staying by herself, especially at their age. Pullets that are sexually maturing can become a bit cranky or pushy, so your pullet is probably doing her best to avoid causing troubles. She will be okay.

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