Chicken won't drink the water with the Mycoplasma antibiotic, Help!!!


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Jun 23, 2011
Liz Lemon has mycoplasma, I got her some lincomycin, but she won't drink anything. I am a little nervous about forcing it down her because I have heard I could suffocate her if i don't do it right.

Any ideas of how I can get her to drink, or an alternative to the antibiotic in the water? Is there anything I can feed her to make her thirsty. It's been two days of trying to get her to drink the stuff and I am starting to get really worried that I might lose her.

Also, does anyone know of anything else I can do to help her with this illness, home remedies I can try in addition to the antibiotic...we have the heat lamp on her to keep her warm, but other than that I just don't know what to do.
I know you can put a tube down her throat using aquarium tubing. I have never done this so I can't give a play-by-play but if you search I know people on this site have done it.

When I give meds I make the hen drink them but DONT force it down her throat. Wrap her in a towel like a swaddled baby so that her wings and feet are secure. Hold her in your lap or against your side like a football or in some way so that she is secure but you can use both your hands.

I take one hand and wrap it around her head so that my palm is now against the back of her head. I use my thumb nail to slide between her beak and open it. As soon as it open, I slide a little of my thumb into the slide of her mouth so she can not close it. I use the rest of my fingers to support her chin at a natural level (NOT tilted back).

I then use a needless oral syringe to drop a little into her mouth. MOUTH not throat. I then let her swallow on her own and repeat. You can only do a little at a time so its rinse and repeat until you get it all.

Good luck!!

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