Chicken won't use her leg

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    Jan 8, 2010
    I have a young chicken, about 5 months old. Two nights ago I noticed she was sitting on the floor of the coop instead of on the perch.
    She was on the floor again last night. Today I went to pick her up to check her out and she can't use her one leg. When she tries to walk it just hangs to the side and she has to shuffle. I moved her leg and felt it, it doesn't look or feel broke. I can see no injuries what so ever. They do free range so she could of gotten kicked or stepped on by one of the horses or cows, but I couldn't see anything that looked out of the ordinary. All the other chickens are fine. Could this be a vitamin deficiency or something. She's just a mix breed and looks like a big turtle dove. I feed them the layers crumbles, cracked and whole corn. I've put feed and water by her but don't know what else to do.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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    Usually you can feel if the upper leg has slipped out of the socket. I've never had any luck fixing that.

    I have a hen recovering from impacted crop surgery and a resulting fungal infection. The fungal medicine flucanizole is making her feel much better but she is not using her one leg either. I am not so sure that a fungal infection didn't indirectly cause the leg paralysis.

    First do this:
    Feel her crop- is it hot? Squeeze it, is it very full? Feel her body,breastbone, legs, despite all the feathering is she actually very skinny? If none of the above she doesn't have what my hen has.

    2nd- this is working with my hen- give her half of a glucosamine/chrondroitin human vitamin tablet every day hidden in a piece of bread or cheese. excercise her leg for her. and make her stand on it for a minute or so a day by holding down the bad foot and leg. mine is a favorite hen and she has moved into my bathroom shower until she is 100%.

    Hope someone else comes up with something easier and faster
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    I just went through this. I am including the link so you dont feel so bad. 5 Days later (today) she was walking much better, still limping but not bad. I kept her in her own cage in the house, but she was getting depressed not being with her girls, so I put her in a dog cage and fed her my vitamins (melted in her water, cottage cheese and yogurt with oatmeal and bluberries, lots of collard greens from the garden, and a 81 mg aspirin mixed in her water. I guess she had just jumped off the coop and tweaked her leg?? But she is much better today andshe laid an egg today while I was at work! I wil keep her in the dog crate for a week more I guess. Here is the link to my post...

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