Chicken won't walk after egg blew up under her.....

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    Dec 2, 2011
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    Weird situation. I bring my hens in every night into there coop. I have 14 and check them over every night.

    Last night I went to put them away, counted 13 and went to look for last one. She was sitting over by a nest where some chicks had recently hatched. There had been one egg left that was obviously rotten.

    It must have blown up under her. She had egg and shell stuck under her. They are too young to lay there own eggs so I know that it was the rotten egg.

    She wouldn't get up so I picked her up and put her in coop. This morning she won't get up. She is eating but her one leg doesn't seem to work!

    Do you think when the egg blew up it hurt her leg and she is just being cautious?

    Or the egg thing is a strange coincidence and she has something wrong with her?

    She has been healthy up to this point. So have the others.....

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    Nov 16, 2012
    Seems like there wouldn't be enough force from a popping egg to cause injury...perhaps she is just freaked out..or maybe she was in the nest box because something is already wrong with her. I had a couple young birds get sick, and when everyone else roosted they would sleep in the nest boxes.

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