chicken worried about the others

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    Feb 26, 2016
    I bought 3, 7 wk old BLRW on June 24th. They looked health other than dull looking feathers. Then next day one died. Nothing looked to be wrong with the bird. I thought It might be heat stroke. On the 2nd I notice another one of the new birds with low energy. Moved the bird into the house. Nest day would not open one of its eyes. Looked up some information that said it could be eye worms. Treated with safe-guard for goats. Next day eye swollen. gave it more safe-guard. This Am Chicken not moving much and dead by 11 am.

    No dishcharge from mouth or eyes.

    only symptoms
    one swollen eye
    decreased food consumption.

    no other birds look sick at this point.

    worried about other birds should I put them on an antibiotic

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