Chicken Yard a Disaster!

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  1. Here's the thing. My chicken yard is smelly with turd, the ground is wet, and I am very busy. Then my chickens food can is broken, water can leaks, and the coop is small. Could things get worse?[​IMG]
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    Be careful what you ask for...
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    Things can always get worse.
  5. I know. I will get bark chips tomorrow (hope it will help) . Any one know a good priced feeder and water can that is durable?
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    I cannot find the water dish I use on the website. [​IMG]
    I got mine at Jax for like 5 dollars. It is in the livestock area and holds a gallon of water. I have had mine for 4 years and when it freezes I pour HOT water on it with it upside down. It is still easy to clean and has not cracked.
    I have like 5 of them now and use them outside in the elements. It is a simple round open top about 6 inches tall dish. I do have a pic of a hen and the dish is in the background.

    They work really well for my group. Large enough to hold a good amount of water and heavy enough to not tip easily. Of course Charger is rather attached to hers and will not allow me to send it to you lol.

    There are a lot of people using bucket feeders here. I think from what I read they cost less than 10 dollars to make and hold a lot of food.

    For the yard I use hay when it is muddy. Mine is not smelly and I have 19 hens right now. (lost little Ditty last weekend)

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