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So I have a shed being built and a Chickenguard pop door on the way. The shed company offered to cut an opening in the side for the pop door, but I'm not sure if I gave them the right size.

Everything I've read says the door measures 12"x16", but I don't know if that takes into account the railings on the side that the door slides up and down on. Should I have the pop opening cut to 12"x12" or do I need to make it even smaller so that there's enough overlap on the sides to install the door rail? Hope that makes sense...
If you can cut out the opening yourself, I suggest you do it that way. When you get the coop you may fine tune as to where you would like the Pop door. Another thing to consider is the height of said pop door. Maybe at floor level is not as ideal as 6 inches off the floor level bottom.
If you do want to have it cut by the manufacturer stay on the safe side and have the door opening 10" wide x 12" tall. You can always enlarge it. Making it smaller is more challenging. I tried to look up your door. Could not readily see dimensions. I guess if I had more time , eventually I would find more info.
I have a self contained Automatic pop door and manufacturer gives dimensions as to size of opening to cut out. You have the power unit and the guillotine style door as 2 separate pieces.
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Thanks for the reply... The reason I'm having the shed company do it is I don't want any issues damaging the siding and tyvek while trying to wrangle a handheld saw into a drill hole (I've done it before... the results were not good). I did ask them to put the opening 6" off floor as I'll be doing deep litter inside the coop and don't want it all spilling out!

The door should arrive in a few days so I should still have time to contact the shed company to change things if needed. I was just hoping to get the info to them sooner since I was already needing to contact them about a few other things.
How'd the door work out. Hope you're liking your ChickenGuard. Would love some pics. Thank you for your business. Sorry didn't reply sooner, a 10" wide by 12" tall coop door opening would work. The door panel is 12" wide by 16" tall and the wood runners are about 2" wide by 24" tall, with the grooves about 1/4" deep.

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