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    Need to know how I go about clipping chicken wings so as not to fly. Our neighbor just gave us two chicks about 8 weeks old. Is it to soon to clip them, because they can fly pretty good and they can get through the cyclone fence so we made a pen to keep them in, or should we wait till they are a little older to clip?
    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated as I know not a lot about chickens that are little or big!!! Help!!!
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    Try posting in the Mnaging your flock section of the forum. Good luck!
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    Feb 12, 2014
    Sacramento, ca.
    Thank you![​IMG]
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    I'm to squeamish to even think about clipping wings. If you put "wing clipping," in the search box, I'm

    sure information will pop up. If you keep them in a covered run they won't fly out and they will be protected from hawks, and some (climbing) predators. Put some 1/2" hardware cloth around the perimeter of the chain link fence, and they won't be able to go thru it - it will also prevent predators from reaching in and biting off any body parts they can reach.
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    Wing clipping does not always help keep them grounded. Sometimes they can still get lift. Sometimes it is better to trim one wing only so they don't have proper balance to fly. You will have to trim each time after a molt in the wings. Clipped feathers don't regrow, but newly molted feathers do.

    Good luck with your babies and enjoy BYC!
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