Chickens Again!


9 Years
Oct 24, 2012
Santa Clarita, CA
Have you had chickens before? They are so easy to keep its ridiculous. My big challenge is to make sure the coop is critter-proof. You have so much to look forward to. In the meanwhile you can research what type of chickens you want, how many, what the coop will be like, etc. if you haven't already. Very exciting. Stay safe!
I kept chickens before in my tween years. But when you live in the suburbs with lack of backyard space. It very hard when my mom doesn’t want to lend back the space where I used to have a decent chicken coop.


Jul 29, 2020
Three years ago we moved right across Canada from Victoria BC to Saint John NB. I could not take my beloved chickens with me so re-homed them with a friend of a friend that would love them as much as I. But was time went on I realized I missed my chickens, so this summer we broke down and went and found some: two Brahmas, a red and a Spitz. Each day I have chicken time and it does wonders for my blood pressure. They're due to start laying around Christmas. We've built a tractor coop thats too heavy to move, and will have to come up with something warmer for the winter here. In the meanwhile, it's very pretty. I'm happy again, and the ladies seem to be thriving. My two Westies are seeing off raccoons and anything else that might bother them. All's well with the world! I missed you guys View attachment 2863781 View attachment 2863783
You're so right about how relaxing it is to spend time with chickens. Each has its own special personality and antics that make us laugh every day. And they are so low maintenance as a bonus. Enjoy!

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