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    Are chickens born agressive or is it a concenquence of there upbringing i know some are more prone to be be then others breed wise. Just come to mind i hatched some new chicks a few weeks ago and on in particular has been attacking me since it hatched. I dont mean friendly peck mind you there chicks they dont hurt but this one in particular is bad he attacks all of the others aswell. Im not concerned of the issue i have np with culling him or her when the time comes if need but but was just looking for others opnions on it.
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    I think some breeds are more prone to being aggressive than others. And I think the way they're treated - their environment - can influence this as well. Nature AND Nurture I suppose. It surprises me that a very young chick would show aggressiveness in a "mean" way though... [​IMG]
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    Quote:I agree, I think it's a mixture of both. Genetics (some breeds are more aggressive than others), individual personalities, and the way they're brought up all play a role.
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    I agree with the above nature and nuture, and some individuals within the breed, and their environment. If they have lots of distractions, lots of space they will be more likely to do other things... you know, play poker, watch TV, go on a cruise.

    Seriously, about the chicken boredom, maybe not your attack-chicken because that sounds like an extreme case, but plenty to scratch and search for, plenty of room sometimes diminishes agression. I have one that will be really agressive toward her coop mate, then when I throw sunflower seeds or scratch she will forget she was being so devilish and start scratching around the ground for stuff. Same when I move the coop/run to fresh grass, she gets interested in examining the grass, and looking for bugs to unearth.
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