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    Living with chickens (and keeping them alive) is hard.
    I built my own coop and the supplies costed over $500.
    Then, the chickens costed $100 for 6 month old barred rocks.
    We got 7 chickens. 6 hens and a rooster.
    1 of the hens was called Queeny, another Big Susie, the rest of the hens were no-namers.
    Our roo was very speacial and loved crowing (don't they all) and his name was Archie.
    Then the problems appeared.
    First one of the hens went missing. She never came back (waahhhh)[​IMG]
    Poor poor girl.
    Then Archie tested his flight skills and flew over the fence and the dogs tore him to pieces (harsh world).[​IMG]
    Poor poor boy.

    Then one fateful day, the dogs jumped the fence (they are very athletic) and killed Queeny, Susie, and the rest of the no-namers.
    My chicken life was over. No more waking up and seeing the birds. No more Queeny to pet when your sad.
    MY chickens are DEAD.
    It was terrible.
    Then, one day I was on the road to a near by city when I stopped to walk around.
    Peep peep peep, it came from the woods. "Wow, the wild birds already have babies" (It was early spring).
    I walked around a corner to see the cutest little chicks huddled together.
    I quickly ran to my car, made them a box to sit in, and ran back to grab them.
    One was small and light brown with a dark brown spot on her head. Another was big and yellow with brown wing feathers and a brown spot, another was a cinnamon brown with a white head spot. They were 2 months old (judging by their feathering).
    They were named Clint, Channele, and Ty (not my favourite names). I thought someone must have dumped them because they were baby roos, but I took the little guys (or girls) in anyway.
    First they lived in the shower, then we cleaned the coop up and put them in there.
    Channele looked so feminine so I named her that.
    The other two's names kept changing, but as they grew older, Ty showed himself to be a rooster and he was re-named Gallo de Cierro, Channele turned out to be the most girly looking man and was named Icabode, and the big boy Clint turned out to be (amazingly) a tiny little red hen and was re-named Flame.
    Next time I get chicks, they will be named uni-sex names like Peeps, Fluffy, Fluffball, and then graduate to having their adult names.
    They were a happy trio, but the roosters were beating up on Flame (to be expected) so I got three new hens!
    They were barred rocks and were quickly named Tiny, Lady and Lagatha. Tiny was very small, had some of her feathers pecked out and had a bald head.
    Her feathers quickly grew back.
    Lady was a darker color and had a very attractive floppy comb (she re-minded me of my sweet Queeny).
    Lagatha was more light colored than the others and had another floppy comb.

    The lived happily for a while and played in the hay bales and dug in the garden. . .
    Until, one day Lagetha was attacked by one of the roosters (I think she was sick) and killed.
    That really sucked. I cried for days.
    Then on Christmas I bought three amazing young hens and they were named Lala, Ivy, and Cupcake.
    Lala and Ivy were dark grey with black necks and had streaks of cream, and Cupcake was creamy coloured.
    Ivy (who seems she might be a roo, though unlikely) and Lala pecked people, really bad.
    I trained them both to not peck and they are going to be great layers.
    Cupcake is gaining weight (she was super skinny) and Lala is now learning to sit on our recently raised fence.
    Hopefully she doesn't fly out before I put a roof on the run.
    Then, one day I found lice on my chickens and worms in their poop.
    Better get that worked out.
    I love my chickens and will always but seriously,
    What Next?!

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    Feel free to comment an share your own stories of chickens!
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    Lots can happen when you own chickens, any animal. I'm sorry about your loss. [​IMG] Check on the diseases and emergencies section for help with worms and mites. Best of luck to you! Stay safe.

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