chickens allergic to shavings?

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    Apr 7, 2010
    can chickens be allergic to pine wood shavings? ive started bringing in a few of my younger and smaller hens for the winter (their run gets terribly muddy so they spend winter inside)
    ive changed from straw pellets to sawdust/shavings this year due to money issues(!) and i think the hens ar allergic? every hen ive brought inside has gottenn 'sick' within a few days. they start wheezing/sneezing and become less active. 0 eggs but appetite stays good. eyes seem a little swollen/runny but no discharge from nose or mouth.

    the chickens i have inside at the moment are 6 chabos 6 orpingtons and 8 bantam cochins. the orpingtons seem most affected. do chickens get allergys or is it more likely they have a virus or something?
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    Jul 24, 2013
    As far as I know, chickens aren't "allergic" to pine shavings (but they can have reactions to cedar shavings). However, if the shavings are dusty, that may explain the symptoms. High ammonia levels can also cause sneezing.

    Personally, I think your birds may be experiencing a mild respiratory disease. Respiratory diseases are quite commmon, and cause varying symptoms, including sneezing, swelling of the face, bubbly eyes, discharge, coughing, gurgling, and lethargy. It would be a good idea to start giving your birds some electrolytes and probiotics, and to get some antibiotics. However, I can't really help you with what antibiotics to get-- I'm not sure what you can get in Belgium (I really only have experience with antibiotics in the United States). Hopefully, somebody else will chime in and give you some more information.

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