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  1. 2bukrdg

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    Apr 8, 2010
    I have property up north and my neighbor has Chickens. One time when I was up there they had a stray kitten that was liveing under the Chicken coop. During the day it would come out and go into the pen and lay on a pallet and sun itself and one of the Chickens would go over and lay beside it and peck the mites out of its fur. They were great friends. Is this rare.

    Finally the kitten would let the neighbors come up to it and the took it to the vet, got it cleaned up and now its a pet but the cat and Chicken dont hang out together any more. Never saw that before.

  2. MareeZoCool

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    I have a White Plymouth Rock pullet she was accepted by my cats and kittens weeks before the flock accepted her. Now, she is the first to chase the cats away!
  3. LadyB

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    Apr 21, 2010
    Issaquah, WA
    2 of my cats are very confused by the chickens. The other cat adores them and 'raises' all of our chicks. She stays with the brooder at all times!
  4. Erinmir

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    Mar 8, 2011
    West Alexander, PA
    So far my cats have only shown minimal interest in the Cheeper Brigade. Our Siamese mix is happier to stay away from the weird creatures that make peeping sounds all day, but she is sort of asocial like that anyway. My orange and white tabby boy, Pumpkin, however is more than curious. Now, he has spent his entire life as an indoor cat so I'm not sure he'd even know what to do with a mouse or bird if he got hold of one, but he follows me downstairs to check on the cheeps. He keeps a distance especially now that they are getting bigger. He just sits and watches. [​IMG]

    We are in the process of socializing and eventually sort of "adopting" a local stray who has been hanging around our yard and we're hoping that she won't go for the cheepers once they move outside. We'll have to see how that goes over. [​IMG] What I am really hoping for is that she'll sort of turn into a protector for the flock as we do have some pretty bold raccoons in our neighborhood and hopefully she'll run them off.

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