Chickens and dogs?

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    I'm looking into getting some chickens, and was planning on putting their house on a cement slab that is surrounded by grass. The only thing is that I have 2 dogs and their kennel is on the same slab. The dogs are only in there at night. But I was wondering if the close proximity would effect the chickens in any way? They are obviously both separated by toe separate fences, but just wanted to get some thoughts on this. Thanks!
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    If you work on training your dogs, everyone can get a long just fine. Even if they are going to be separated by a fence I would start on training right away--generally one dog at a time and then both together as they get better. It is a process that takes time and patience.

    There are so many posts on this forum about people who try to just keep the dogs separate and inevitably a door gets left open one day or a latch breaks or any number of small details and then you have a situation where the dog hurts or kills a bird and it's really not the dogs fault is he hasn't been given the right tools.

    If the dogs and the chickens are used to each other then I don't see any problems. If you have a situation where the dogs are barking at/or trying to get to the chickens I imagine that would be stressful for all involved.

    I have 4 dogs and 6 hens who all share the yard peacefully but it did take time to train each dog individually and get everyone adjusted. The hens bully the dogs.
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