Chickens and how they behave


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I think we need to put something on here showing the non believers or the ones that say oh My chicken wont attack me. my chicken wont peck me. And post pics of our battle wounds. Its like one person who shall remain hidden keeps saying oh my rooster wont attack me . Whatever I just got pecked by my rooster for no reason and I know that sometimes they do do this. Not blinded like some people on here. I just wanna smack them and say WAKE UP chickens will get ya no matter what even if you hold them or cuddle them..


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In my experience, some chickens will. Some will not. Just like dogs, horses, or people, they are all individuals. They are all different. I've had one rooster attack me. I've had several roosters that never attacked me. The only hens that have ever pecked at me were broodies that I was looking under. You may have had bad experiences, but not all of us have had bad experiences with all our chickens.

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I have two that will peck hard but it's because they are attention hogs. They want your undivided attention and if you don't give it to them, they remind you that they're still there. One was my absolute favorite. She would fly out of the brooder as a chick every time she saw me. Now if I don't pay her attention, she pecks me hard.


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We've had chickens for going on two years. Never had a problem with my RIR Rooster...until last night. I picked up one of the red sex linked hens just to check her over and this rooster comes right at me like I was going to harm her. I was pretty surprised and dropped her pretty quick. At least I know he'd protect her, but I was a little shocked. No wounds though.


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My 3 yr old roo just climbed up in my lap and put his head under my 'wing' for a nap. I don't know what to tell you. I've never had anything of the kind, and I've had/have 100+ birds of at least 15 different breeds, large and small. I can't help ya here.

That's not to say they can't be that way, it's just to say I don't know why mine are so different if it's NOT because of my nurturing. That's why I draw the conclusion that it IS the nurturing.


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The only times my chickens have pecked is when you are wearing bright toenail polish and they think your toes are edible. No harm done. LOL


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I have been lightly pecked by broody hens, but one understands THAT - trying to touch HER eggs or her chicks! I have one pullet who pecks a bit harder during hand-feeding but I think that's because there is a crush of girls all going for the goodies and she wants to make sure she gets hers. And when the others move away, she still sorta pecks hard.

Any time I have a chicken peck at me, I peck back with a tap to the side of her/his head with my forefinger. They get that I am The Boss of Them.

I do NOT snuggle any beaked animal next to my face. I know my eyes are shiny and peck-worthy. That's nearly instinct and they can't help it.


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Nov 6, 2009
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I always have to tell my daughters to be careful when holding our favorite EE hen, Blondie. She is the sweetest thing, but yes, she does like those shiny eyeballs! She was in the yard with my Suffolk ewe, Ashely, who is very easy going. They just sat there and stared at each other, gradually getting closer, checking each other out. Then BAM! Blondie poked her in the eyeball. Thankfully, Ashley didn't get hurt, but she sure doesn't put her face in a chicken's face anymore!


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Jun 29, 2010
I've brought our chicks up from day one conditioning them for human contact. We haven't had a problem with any of them, including our roo. He's never pecked me and I hope he never will. I don't think he would go after a person because I continually reinforce our position to him.

HOWEVER, I make absolutely certain that my children and I don't take any chances and know how to behave with chickens. Certainly, a roo could attack for any reason at any time and a hen could peck the same way. I especially make sure my they know to never put their faces close to a chicken. It would be irresponsible to do otherwise, so while I do believe that you can establish dominance over them, I also know it takes consistency and education, as well as still ensuring that you don't take any silly chances. I think many probably do not take the time or effort to educate themselves as thoroughly as I have regarding flock behavior. I know my neighbor hasn't, and her roo has started attacking one of her kids. I had to go over there and give her a lesson on rooster pecking order. LOL Hopefully it will work, although I'm afraid it's already to late for him.

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