Chickens and my sons allergies...

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  1. We have not ordered chics, yet. My son has asthesma, strong peanut allergy, mild allergy with dogs and cats. He takes an inhaler (pulmicort) once a day as a preventer for problems. We have not called his doctor yet to see if chics in the house for a month or two will be safe.
    I have no issue with keeping the chics in the garage. What would worry me would be drafts. Any opinions? Experiences? Thanks.
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    Chicks produce a LOT of dust and feather dander. I would definitely check with the doctor about any concerns before getting some.

    The garage may be a good alternative and with proper shields in place you can protect your chicks from drafts until they feather out. Or you may want to just wait to order until it's a bit warmer and brood them right inside their coop in a sectioned off portion with appropriate space for their size. Gradually increase space as they grow until they can have full run of their coop.

  3. I probably should have mentioned how many. We are going to order seven. Three for us, four for a friend.

    I am going to call the doctor on Monday.

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    Chicks will produce dust. To be safe, keep them in the garage or in only one room with the door shut. 7 isn't too bad, but will produce lots of airborne particulate matter.
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    I agree with Jody in checking with the doctor. It's unreal how dusty they are.

    Also about drafts in the garage...just put some cardboard around for a shield.....even plastic tarp... and they should be fine.
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    So how did things turn out? good i assume since you got them...but my kids all have allergies...aside from the dust do i need to be concerned with any other possible allergies?
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    This is a very old thread. The OP hasn't even visited the forum in about a year; don't know whether they will even know that their thread has been resurrected.[​IMG]

    Interesting question, though. I hope you get some answers.

    And, [​IMG]
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