Chickens and roosters


Mar 5, 2017
Hi I have one rooster and nine hens they are one year old I incubated eggs back in January I got a rooster and he is ready to go out side if I can’t get this rooster and my other rooster to get along I have to give my new one away so I’m wondering how do you get the roosters to not fight I have more hens in the way and how many hens do you need so they will not fight my rooster that is outside can get a little mean and if you mess with his hens he will attack you how do I get two roosters to get along thanks for your help
You integrate them in like an other chicken and hope for the best. There are several things that could happen: he’ll get pushed to the bottom of the pecking order and submit to the older rooster. He’ll hang around the flock and occasionally argue with the older rooster over the hens. He’ll break off with so many hens. He’ll fight with the older rooster and come out on top. Or he’ll fight and get badly hurt. If I was keeping two sexually active roosters together, I’d have upwards of 12 hens each. Is there a particular reason you want two roosters and the possible issues that come with them?
I hope this boosts your thread because I’m no expert on cockerel behaviour. But, this is all just my few pence :)
It's best to get new males at a very young age, and introduce them to the flock while they are under 8 weeks of age. That way, they aren't seen as a threat. I've got 3 permanent roosters in my flock, and 4 cockerels that are about 14 weeks of age. All get along well for the most part. Introducing a new bird to the flock takes time. It takes even longer when there is already an established rooster in the flock. We are talking at least 2 months of living is separately, but within eyesight of the main flock before you can even think about letting the new guy mingle with the other birds. Even then, there will still be some fighting between the boys while they sort out who is going to be top boy. It is actually very uncommon for roosters to fight to the death. However, if you established rooster is human aggressive, I suggest that he be the one to be rehomed and not the new guy.
My two roosters get along now the older.. Jack is about two years old and the younger one.. Joker is around 1year old...they occasionally get in to it ..but for the most part they get along

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