Chickens and shoe laces

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    Our two youngest son's joined a 4H group at the end of 2010. Well, it went from getting rabbits to getting chickens and of course the promise from the boys that they would do all the feeding and caring for the animals. We all know how that usually goes. Their chickens and rabbits love me. The conditional type of love, I am sure, where the critters know that either I will be feeding them or that I will be booting some boys in their direction to feed them.

    My 10 year old is the kind of kid who does things slowly, not because he is a perfectionist, but because he has two speeds, slow and stop. He has yet to totally overcome his fear of the chickens and I use this as an opportunity to torture the child. He has no issue with going into the run and feeding the birds, he gets upset when they start pecking at his feet.

    The wife has the same problem with the chickens when she is in the pen with her flip flops and the birds flock to her feet. I know the secret, but have yet felt the need to share.

    My youngest son doesn't care when he is flocked. He thinks that they all want picked up and when he reaches to grab one, it ends their flocking since they are now scattering to avoid the awkward handling from a six year old. (I make sure when he gets one he holds her no chickens are harmed in this story)

    Well, Monday we were out at the run and the ten year old had the bucket of feed. He walked in the run in his usual speed, slow, and was greeted by all. They went to town on his tennis shoes as usual. However, today, Blackie, our black austrolorp, didnt want to give up when he tried to get away. I saw the light bulb go off over his head before he sounded the words, "They are trying to get my shoe laces!" I was kinda sad, seeing my son grow up and knowing that he now knew the secret, but I was also proud that I didn't have to call his name and add, "Bless your heart" when I would make a semi-sarcastic comment at his expense. For those who do not know, it is a Southern thing in a sense to say "Bless your heart" or "Bless his/her heart" when someone has done something stupid or is a bit dense at times. I didn't come up with this explanation and I don't know who to actually credit. Okay....on with the rambling...

    After discovering the fact that the shoe laces were the key, he untied them so that there was a good eight inches of shoe lace trailing behind him and he made a game of it. Blackie, along with the others were chasing him around and then going for the laces. He then began walking backwards so he could see the attacks and laugh at the birds fighting for his laces. A dirt pen, with thick pine shavings and untied shoes. It wasn't until I said, "Bless your heart, you are going to have poop on your laces" that he stopped.

    This is a true story about him, the laces and me finding another reason to bless him.

    Now it is becoming winter and my wife, who claims she is a country girl, gets a bad case of frost bite when the thermometer dips below 80F. She doesn't wear her flip flops outside as much to the chicken run, which, for health reasons I would not recommend to begin with. But, knowing how she likes to get her toe nails painted, I will just wait until spring for her to get the chicken flocking and her not knowing why.

    It is the simple things in life that make me laugh myself to sleep at night!

    Thanks for reading!
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    Why, bless your heart! It's wonderful that you're so easily amused [​IMG]
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    Yay Chicks! :

    Why, bless your heart! It's wonderful that you're so easily amused [​IMG]

  6. Yup. Toenail polish of ANY color is exciting to chickens. I used to wear boots out to see my birds but those "died" years ago. Most people would say I ruined a good pair of New Balance by wearing them to the chicken yard. They were white before they became chicken shoes. I figure if I'm spending hours (here and there, not everyday) working outside, I need some decent, supportive shoes!

    Wait till they start jumping on your sons' heads as greeting. I had a half grown baby hop on me yesterday. No small feat because I was under the bird netting at the time. The netting was touching my head. Little pal made it to my neck, grabbed two (Muddy!) footholds and climbed on my head. I pulled him off and made him stand on my arm like a falcon.

    Last year one of our pullets landed on my son's head and made like she was going to nest there all day. I had plenty of time to pull out my phone and take pictures and video!

    My younger two children (girl and boy) want to train "pirate parrots" to sit on shoulders. It's a goal, lol.
  7. Aaannnd I just noticed who I was "talking" to! BYC is a small world indeed.

    Take care!
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    Hi neighbor - I'm in near Hollywood. Glad to know I'm not the only one to "torture" my children. But one is now 21 and has survived and might even say profited from it. The other is 16 so the torture level is still high with her. Love your story. Best teaching tool in the world is for you to sit back, shut up (yea that's the hardest part for me) and watch. But I have found that "uh huh I coulda toldja that" works much better than "I told you so" either way though it fun to watch it happen.
    Right now we are having a time with the 16 year old who we sometimes wonder if she was switched at birth since she kinda the exact opposite of us. She thinks the chickens are cool to watch from a distance. Especially since she's been charged with laundry duty. She's got the same speeds as your son and our rooster is in the mode of testing testosterone levels in every one. Let's just say all that flapping of clothes as they are slowly hung on the line just entices him. Of course she's getting the idea down about walking him down when he gets too aggressive but at the speed she tends to move the rooster sometimes forgets he's even being challenged.

    Ahh but they all grow up too soon. - or is that not soon enough? I forget which day it is.
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    LOL....I am easy to entertain......hey wait...You blessed me?!?!?!?!?!?

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