Chickens and Their Hilarious Personalities


Mar 14, 2021
IKR?! My horses are so tolersnt of my poor mare reached out to sniff my hen, and poor Mango thought she was being attacked with that giant nose in her face, and grabbed ahold of of the tender velvety skin on her nose. Ebony jerked back and snorted so loud. She hasn't sniffed a chicken again lol. My hen Mango figured out that when its snowy outside that people's boots are much warmer than the ground. She is also very photogenic. She loves to hang around people since she is out casted from the rest of the flock :(
View attachment 2935077 View attachment 2935078 View attachment 2935079 Spying on me scooping horse grain

View attachment 2935058 Trying to take a selfie with my new chicks I got in April....found out I had an attention hogger!
View attachment 2935062 The cayuga Gus Gus was comforting Margaret the pekin.
I love the picture of her standing on your boot. Chickens are certainly opportunistic & pretty good at problem solving 😂 cold feet? Stand on mom’s boot.
Jan 2, 2022
Texarkana Arkansas
I've got 2 polish I accidentally trained to be aggressive little pullets. One even does that whole male jump and kick show when you move by her.

I've got Glenn, a bresse male, who's just..... well, he's a little special sometimes.

And then there are the sebrights- Honey, Love and Darling, who love people and will jump on their shoulders
Yes same with me! I accidentally trained my duck to be somewhat aggressive. I was in the run picking up his girl (our girl duck) and once I did that he charged and snapped at me and bit my boot 😬. Then not to long after that he charged my dog 🐕😂 and bit her

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