Chickens and their non-chicken your pictures here!


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Mar 10, 2014
Rural Southwest Kentucky
I would love to see everyone's pictures of their chickens and their non-chicken companions together. In my case it's cats and dogs. I introduced my cats and dogs to the baby chicks on day two after receiving them from the hatchery - I felt this would let them know they were my pets, new additions to the family if you will. One by one I let my three cats and three dogs come into the barn and peer into the brooder, sniff around, and introduce themselves, with strict supervision of course :) They visited daily, supervising my care and feeding of the new chicks. It worked for me and my animals, and the result is dogs/cats and chickens living in harmony. In fact, the cats babysit the chickens when they are free ranging (I babysit them as well as they are still young).

Let's see your photos and hear your stories about your chickens and their non-chicken companions! :)

Here you see Julius and two of my pullets. He supervises them during free range time :)


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Apr 24, 2014
We've got around 20 chickens, give or take a few depending on incubation and sales. We've got a third alpaca (Tom) but he was less impressed with the idea of chicks haha


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Mar 29, 2008
South Carolina
I don't have any pictures, but I have this cat. His name is Gulliver. He honestly doesn't know that he isn't a chicken. He hangs out in the pen, Sleeps in the nesting box, comes when I cal, "Chickie Chickie!" But what's even weirder is that the flock assumes he's just one of them. My EE rooster even...well, you know.

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