Chickens and Voles and Ferrets?


Sep 13, 2019
Sagaponack, New York
Hello All,

I recently got 8 chicks in May that are now seemingly full-grown and fully free-range (within a one acre enclosed yard). They are very happy and great additions to the property despite their love for all things in the vegetable and fruit garden. Recently, I have noticed voles eating hostas in the shade garden (the chickens like to trim some of the leaves as well) and was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on how to eradicate voles without endangering the chickens. Vole traps? Poison? Get ferrets?

Thanks for your help.


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:welcome @CoopersFarm

I too am a little curious as to why you would wish to be rid of the voles. Now rats I will happily trap but not had issues with voles. I certainly wouldn’t suggest ferrets. We have ferrets and if they had the chance they would be in the chicken & quail runs to attack them. Ferrets can get in place you would not imagine possible.

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