Chickens and Wild birds

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    Mar 4, 2012
    Our four girls (two Barred Rocks, one Rhode Island Red and a Buff Orpington) have a great life and are very spoiled. Beside having a roomy and protective coop and hen house we try to give them an hour or two each day to free roam in our small yard. Recently we have taken up birding and have added feeders and bird baths to the yard. Our chickens always head for the areas in our yard directly under the feeders where the husks of Black Oil Sunflower seeds are discarded. They seem to eat a good many of the husks which probably have no nutritional value. Is this bad for them, to eat husks like that? Any issues with wild birds and Chickens?

    Thanks in advance
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    I wouldn't worry about the husks, too much. If you give them some BOSS of their own, they may not eat as much. Wild birds can spread disease and parasites to your flock, but they can do that by entering your coop and eating chicken feed or perching on top of your run and depositing their droppings inside. You could try to move the feeders to an area where the chickens can't access the waste as easily or spread their BOSS in a different place so that they run there for their treats instead. Good luck!

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