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Jul 17, 2019
North Carolina
Makes me chuckle.. our chickens love hanging out with other animals. We have 3 guinea pigs they eat wheat grass with & just kinda hang out with each other , then our little cockerel likes to Follow our cat and chase lizards together. Anyone else have animal friends like this?
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My chickens and this wild rabbit seem to be friends. When I open the little gate in the afternoon to let the chickens out to free range, the rabbit comes in to finish off what feed they didn't eat. There may be more than one rabbit, but it's only one at a time so I call it 'Bun'. The rabbit(s) warn the chickens of danger too.
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I don't allow my cats or dog in with the chickens, but one of my cats got in the run when I was adding some hardware cloth. It scared me, but when I got around to the gate to get him out he was just sitting there looking at the hens. The hens were pretty curious too. But, Hviti, the cat is a hunter and not to be trusted so out he went. :smack

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Two of my tom cats are mortally afraid of my chickens thanks to a VERY protective mama hen I had a few years back. :D
The third one tries to sneak into the coop at night before I shut the door, he likes to sleep in one of the nest boxes. :barnie
The chickens don't seem to pay him much attention, he lays out in the run with them walking all over him. :)

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