CHICKens anonymous anybody?couldnt pass the feed store-AGAIN!!!!

gilligans island

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8 Years
Feb 3, 2011
Valleyford Wa.
got 2 more chicks today. they are buff orpingtons. saturday we got 6 mixed chicks-2 rhodies,2 barred rocks,
1 sex link, and 1 newhampsire red to go along with the 5 rhodie hens and their roo. got 2 brooders going in
the kid's play room in the house. very soon goin to need a bigger coop--EEEPP!! We were hopin a rhodie hen
would go broody but no luck. so of to the feed store we went. later some of the chicks we got should go broody
according to what I read about their breed characteristics. I think we put together a good bunch of breeds to
produce lots of eggs-YUMMMMMMM!!!!! not to mention making super good friends with a bunch of chickens.
so much fun! chicks are to cute!! Will keep updating our page as the chicks grow, WHICH IS WAY TO FAST!!!!

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