chickens are dying??

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    Aug 30, 2013
    Two of my chickens died in one day, They are free to run around the yard as they please & there are no animals around that would attack them. One of the chickens i found dead in the morning & the other i saw that day was perfectly healthy, up & eating yet hours later was limp & barley alive under a tree. I thought it was poisoning maybe? Do any of you know the signs of a poisoned chicken? I wasnt sure a poison could be THAT effective under such few hours on a chicken i just saw healthy. This rooster was limp & would flop suddenly even though i wasnt touching him then would rest its head down & grew worse fast & died. I couldnt see any blood or external signs of injury on either of them. then when i was out there i saw my neighbor with a sling shot in his hand & obviously grew suspicious but didnt want to start a big thing of accusing him just walked calmly towards his house but even though he saw me he suddenly went behind his yard & disappeared as in purposely avoiding me. And also this same neighbor once did catch my chicken & had it upside down in his hands but i saw him & he let it go after i told him that was our chicken, he apologize & seemed truly sorry & understanding but him doing that once keeps my suspicious of him on this case. my questions were could poison really be that effective that fast? Poisoning signs you know of? they werent foaming at the mouth or anything but wouldnt take water the one that was still alive & could my neighbor be able to kill them with a slingshot? no signs of injury unless it was internal? [​IMG]I'm very upset about this because i raised them since they were baby chicks
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    Sorry but I would be very suspicious of the weirdo neighbor with the sling shot, especially with his past history with your birds and his avoidance of you when you saw him with the sling shot. If these birds were struck with a rock I'm sure it could have caused injuries to their necks or backs that might not leave visible damage.
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    Jun 3, 2013
    Sorry for your loss! I would get a game camera.

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