chickens are eating the roundworms coming out of them

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  1. roz

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    Aug 2, 2010
    So this is my first experience with worms. I found out yesterday that the girls have roundworms, so I am de worming them with piperazine (sp?), and from what I was told, the worms die once they hit the daylight (some of the run is totally shaded at all sunlight), but is there any issue if the hens are eating them? It's crazy, it's like when they find bugs, and I tried to get one away from a couple of them, but they were too fast. While I would love to scoop each poop up as it is dropped today, that is really unrealistic, so I'm hoping someone can tell me there is nothing to worry about..
  2. CYGChickies

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    Jun 13, 2011
    I have no solid idea but it seems to me if you gave the chickens an oral/injectable medicine, that eating a worm full of it wouldn't hurt. I can't see someone realistically making a med that would make your chickens poop poisonous worms--considering chickens' reputation for poop and bug eating. Hopefully someone else who knows for sure will reply but I doubt that it would hurt.

  3. seminolewind

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    I know that's gross. It sounds like the killed ones are being pooped out. Eventually there won't be anymore. I would wait a few weeks and worm again.

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