Chickens are friends, not food...


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6 Years
Apr 2, 2013
Oneonta, AL
Sorry for the title paraphrased from Finding Nemo. I introduced the cat (who was picked up as a stray several months ago and nursed back to health) to the chickens this afternoon. Previously he's been locked in the garage when we let them out of the coop to forage. He seemed disinterested, but I kept a hand on him when the chicks were close, and a close eye on him when they weren't. wife took a pic of the introduction. I was surprised one of the chicks was brave enough to come as close as she did.



8 Years
Apr 29, 2011
Beautiful cat and chicken!

Cats are pretty good with chickens - my cat sleeps right in the middle of 'em! However, she did used to goose them for fun (she used to leap out of a bush and snigger as they ran) until a pullet got sick of it, turned around and pecked her between the eyes. Twice, for good measure.

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