Chickens are in their Cajun Cabin


10 Years
Jun 14, 2009
Previous threads mentioned that I was busy building a new coop and run for my chickens. Well it is done. I finished the front and sides with pressure treated fence boards cut to imitate cypress siding on a cajun cabin. the rear because no one but me can see it, I finished in corr. galv. roofing. My wife has already told me that she thinks it's ugly. I said but it's the back, she said she still knew it was like that. So before long I figure I'll be redoing the back.


The chickens were put in the run late yesterday afternoon, the plan was to get'em in in the morning but had a few family complications that set me back. Any how they went in about 1800 after a wing clip, showed them the water and feed, let'em go. As all things go, this did not go as planned either. As soon as I let them in the skies openned up with a deluge. They were kinda spooked by the handling and the new coop. A dark thirty I went out and they were huddled in the corner, in the rain, in the mud, and in the skeeters. I picked them up, put them in the coop and closed them in, for skeeter protection.

This morning I was out before daylight, no wind, heavy fog, high humidity. Perfect timming, got out the insect fogger and let fly, don't know if I done any good, but I dang sure lowered the skeeter population by a bit.

After the fog cleared and the sky began graying up, I opened the door to one of the rear runs. The front run they were in the night before had been devistated, ALREADY!!!! Few minutes later they began appearing. I am ashamed to say they looked a little rough, with all the dried mud on them from the previous night's experience. However, they went to cropping grass, and clucking around the run. Stewie the rooster has not crowed so I know he is still unsure about his new digs. I fed them a couple slices of white bread next to the waterer so they could "find" it on their own. So far it seems to be working out.

Here they are out in the run. Camera phone photos so quality ain't to good, but who am I trying to fool, I ain't no photo guy.

I like the tin too! I'm originally from the gold hills in Ca. and all the old towns have lots od old buildings with one or more sides made of tin, and they've lasted 150 years! Mine are in new coop shock right now too.

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