chickens are not laying!

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    Apr 24, 2016
    So i've been trying to figure out why my girls aren't laying. We have a large shed (20x20) which we turned into a coop 2 years ago. We have been slowly adding new hens every so often. A month ago we added 30 new pullets. And they all stopped laying.. Some have come back but out of 60 girls I only collected 10 eggs today. They have all the proper food, plenty of water and nesting boxes. We have foxes that come around but none have tried to enter that coop- only going after my ducks.. no signs of disease. I also have 4 turkeys in that coop- 3 hens and a tom. Of course it's spring so the tom is strutting all the time. Could he and the turkey hens be the reason they're not laying? Are they too territorial? maybe some of the pullets aren't ready but I know I have at least 15 other hens that were laying prior to making one large coop and they haven't laid at all.. should it take this long to re-establish a pecking order?
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    I think it could take that long with that many hens. I'm definitely no expert. But i makes sense to me that of the 30 who could lay, only 30% have adjusted. Could any of your older hens be molting?

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