Chickens are rising up and now protesting at City council

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    Feb 19, 2009

    Chickens are rising up and now protesting at City council thats right.. Look at this chicken protesting for the right to stay in a rural area... walks into a city council meeting... Chickens will not be silenced. Its is NOW the time to stand up and CLUCK FOR CHICKEN RIGHTS!!! [​IMG]
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    Mahahahaha, I came here to post the same story but mine is from our local newspaper so didn't contain the video.

    Here is what appeared in the Dothan, AL Eagle Nov. 22, 2009.

    Durango, Colo.

    A person in a chicken costume ruffled the feathers of Durango's city council as its members discussed rules for backyard fowl. At a council meeting Tuesday, someone in a chicken costume quietly entered the council chambers just as the mayor was discussing a recently passed backyard hen ordinance. The costumed chicken took a few turns, flapped its arms, then took a seat in the nearly empty gallery. Several minutes later, the big bird left - without identifying itself - after laying an egg on the floor. Council members told The Durango Herald they were perplexed by the costumed chicken but found the visit humorous. The council voted 3-2 earlier this month to make it easier to keep backyard chickens.

    [​IMG] Go Chickens! [​IMG]

    Georgia in Alabama

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