Chickens Attacked by Dog

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    Jan 6, 2014
    I read through several posts and replies about chicken attacks. Thank you for your knowledge.
    My son found a dog in our coop this morning, and 7 chickens were dead (of 19). 3 others remained very injured - they were quarantined in a penned in area with a small coop. One has since died (about 6 hours later). This is very scary for me. I have a weak stomach. My husband helped me peroxide one, but had to go to work. It seemed to really upset them to be messed with, so I didn't even mess with the 3 thinking they would die quickly. I reconsidered that decision and saw one walking around and ran out to do peroxide (and tumeric), but there is one remaining I have yet to peroxide. He seems like a leg is not working. I cannot bear to look to closely, it is so upsetting. I am so grieved for the 7 who died, one of whom had been with us a long, long time (a black copper maran). I am paralyzed, just hoping the two injured aren't in much pain. Is there anything I can do further? It is so, so hot outside, but we have a very small house, 4 inside cats and I just don't think I can bring them inside. The remaining chickens are freaked out - have no idea how I will get them in the coop tonight, and my 2 baby guineas are beside themselves with confusion and fear.
    Thanks for any advice. Please be gentle.
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    So very sorry for your's always a heartbreaker. But the reality of the situation is you know who's dog it is that did this to your flock? You mentioned that your son discovered the dog...does he know where he's from? If so, you need to take pictures...LOTS of pictures as evidence of the atrocity and then go over to their house (I'm assuming it's a neighbor's dog (?)) and tell them what has happened and very calmly tell them "if your dog comes over to my property again and kills my chickens...he will not return." Simple as that.

    You need to pick yourself up by your boot straps and get TOUGH. The problem is NOT going to go away on it's own. Now that this dog has had 'dinner' it will return for seconds.

    Again, so very very sorry, please keep us updated!
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    Ok, take a deep breath and tell yourself that you CAN indeed do this and that your birds NEED you to do this. I know how you feel, I used to be very squeamish myself. But over the years of being a farm wife I have managed to reform myself out of sheer necessity lol.

    The birds who are injured are likely to be in shock, they really need a dim, quiet place with food and water where they can recover. A small cat or dog carrier works well for this purpose. This would be after you have looked them over and treated any obvious wounds. That would entail flushing cuts/gashes/punctures as best you can with peroxide or betadine if you have it. A good coating of Neopsporin is a very good idea after cleaning. There may also be some injuries that you are not able to treat, internal damage or serious damage to extremities that is not fixable will require you to put the bird down one way or another. Either at home or have a vet do it. The birds with lesser wounds will likely recover with home treatment but you do want to treat them so they don't get infected. Chickens often don't die easy, it's amazing what they can live with and what they can recover from so it's better not to leave them untreated. Do what you can for those that can survive and help the seriously injured ones out of their suffering.

    What became of the dog? Do you know who it belongs too? If it got away it may very well come back so it would be a good idea to figure out how he got in and then seriously reinforce your coop. Put up some welded wire, hog panels, run some hot wire, whatever you can get your hands on, there are various ways to keep dogs out. Hot wire works like a charm for me.

    Good luck with your birds.
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    [​IMG] to you
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    Jan 6, 2014
    Not sure how to reply to all of the responses so far, but THANK YOU. They were just what I needed to hear, and they give me great comfort at this very terrible time. How did my chickens become so beloved to me? We have lost chickens before, but typically it is one or maybe two at the hands of a wild animal like a fox, but this is especially hard b/c this dog just thought it was a sport and now so many are gone. [​IMG] I have called animal control on this dog before (actually there are two of them that roam our neighborhood), but we have had no luck getting them. They run from people (and the dog, upon seeing my son come up to the coop, hightailed it out of there up our driveway, where I was able to see him to confirm it was them).
    I called Animal Control this time, too, and my husband followed the dogs to a backyard so now we have an address but when I rang the bell, no answer. I'm not sure if anything will be done - the dogs scooted in between holes in a backyard fence. Will this fence be fixed? Most likely not... but I will give everyone the benefit of the doubt for now.
    Our chickens are well-contained, as we have fought predators, but these dogs tore our latches out of the wood to get them - splintered particle board where our latches were. Very sad.
    I have treated the rooster (silkie) with hydrogen peroxide. I will try to really get to him when my husband comes home. I have some homemade neosporin stuff I can apply. He did eat some of the yogurt I left, and I have been giving him water when I check on him to make sure. I am trying not to get my hopes up, but I love these chickens so... I hate to fail them. I feel so helpless.

    Thanks again so much for your kind words and suggestions. Much love to you.

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