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    Jun 25, 2011
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    I made my first roost in a way I thought was right. Well I got to watching the chickens and realized it was just not right. So I built a different roost area with wider spacing and larger poles. Last night when whey went to bed they were raising so much ruckus you would have thought a coon was in there with um. Pecking, squawking, jumping down off the roost, back up. But when they settle down they're bunched up like a can of sardines. Is this roost to small are do they carry on like this all the time. They have 3 poles but end up on one. All except the BO's. They wait till all the fightings over, walk up the ladder, get their spot and sit down for the night.

    If it's to small I'll have to do something else.[​IMG]
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    Chickens always carry on like kindergarteners at nap time when roosting for the night. My wierdos didn't like the typical roost and decided the top of the nest boxes were the place to be. So I took a 1 x 6 and they have slowly adapted to roosting on it.

    Some a little better than others:


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    It sounds like war inside our coop at roost time. Thumps, bumps And a lot of chatter.

    Takes them about ten minutes for them to get settled.


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