Chickens babysitting chicks

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    Apr 27, 2011
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    Is it usual for other chickens to babysit chicks for a broody? I'm not talking just my rooster who always feeds chicks.

    My broody hatched out 2 chicks two weeks ago. She's been having her 20 week old daughter babysitting them with her for the last week.

    The last few days, I've found both 20 week old cockerels watching them, even laying down so they could snuggle under wings. The other silkie hen and easter egger hen in the pen have also been babysitting, squatting down for the chicks and everything.

    It's a lot of very laid back birds and everyone in there feeds them. Last time she hatched chicks, this hen didn't let them out of her sight for the first 5 weeks. Now she's happy to make someone watch them while she goes out to find some fresh new grass and bugs.

    It is just the oddest thing to me. I've never heard of all the birds in a pen taking care of the babies.
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    We have a bantam hen that co-parents with our perpetually broody Buff Orps but none of the other birds babysit. How fun though!

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