Chickens can fly!


7 Years
Dec 25, 2012
Oakhurst Oklahoma
And I wish I had taken pics,, I was watching a pair of GEMs (Green Egg Machines) I recently picked up. The flock had moved on without them, they took off, yes air born! I watched as they got to at least 20 feet in the air! I was at first amazed then OMG they could just fly off! And they predators,,, oh crap! They turned as they approached the fence, circled to the other side of the house and joined their handsome rooster.
Well girls I know where you sleep, and that night went in with a pair of scissors and clipped their right wings. Note I always clip the right wing if needed, and only lightly.
I have not seen them airborne again!

When I first got these girls they had been in a small run with other birds, mine run on about an acre (225 feet X 150 feet). I did not have an empty pen, so in with the silver rooster they go. (Now he is a gentleman as roosters go, he will not rape them until they lay an egg, after that if they say no, well all bets are off.) He started dancing and picking stuff up and offering it to them, never having been around a rooster they did not just run to him, he tried harder. They became very tight, never seen a pullet/hen take to a rooster like these two have. They stick to him like glue, and forbid he mate another, they chase her all over, well that did not last to long LOL
BTW these girls are the flightiest I have,,,,
My leghorns are very flighty as well, so much so I had to cover my run so they would stop escaping. I have an acre and a half on the side of a 2 lane hwy, 1 has already got hit and killed from trying to cross the road.
I started with 12 chicks last year, 2 died as chicks, 1 hit by car at 55 mph (nothing left really), 1 killed by my pit/boxer mix (thinks the chickens are toys) and 1 just disappeared 1 day. I suapect a hawk.

They were getting out by flying over the 8ft welded wire fench I have for their run, I have since covered the run.

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