Chickens dieing

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    I have lost 3 chickens since Fri the 14th . 1 very small frizzle 3 yrs old, she looked lik she was molting again, but feather loss was all in the back end. she seemed normal other wise. no sign of illness or cold.
    the nest day my seabright Roo died, he was just fine all day, went to check for eggs, he was out with others, I thought he was sunning himself, I went up 2 him, he didn't move, not normal, he let me pick him up, the only thing I noticed was his feathers just above his tail were gone.. Took him inside & put him in a bird cage set it near the wood stove 4 heat. Hubby said he noticed stuff on his nostrils & he was struggling to breath. Died within 30 mins. seemed to get sick like the snap of a finger. I cleaned the coop , disinfected it & all feed & water bowls. shut the window I had cracked for fresh air. That was Sat the 15th. E1 seemed well. 2nite when I got home 2 check 4 eggs & put in fresh water & add 2 their feed 4 the nite & give a treat 2 keep them busy. I found my silver laced Polish ,Pearl dead. [​IMG] she was a newbee this sept. awesome hen. she was acting & eating fine this morn. I had noticed that she as well as the Roo had feathers just above her tail missing. I keep them well clean, fed & powder them, I add powder for lice 2 their dust bath area. No other chickens have feathers missing just about their tails. I am baffled as not 1 of those 3 showed any signs of being ill. any ideas ??? I should I keep any eggs I have gotten this wk or should I toss them ?? [​IMG] [​IMG] a very very sad chicken mama here

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