Chickens do the Darndest Things


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Sep 17, 2014
Brooklyn, New York
I saw some fairly amazing chicken behavior last night that I wanted to share. I have three 7-week old pullets (hopefully) -- one each of barred rock, easter egger, and black australorp. Well, the three ladies have only been out in their enclosed run for a week now, and have still not gotten the memo that they are supposed to retreat to the coop at night. Instead, they have enjoyed sleeping out under the stars in one corner of the run or another. Last night was fairly chilly -- went down to 50 with a brisk wind. When I went out to check on them before turning in for the night, here's what I saw -- barred rock all puffed up with her wings spread, setting on top of easter egger and australorp, whose presence I could only detect by their contented chirping. Although I am sure there is some less altruistic explanation for what I saw, it certainly appeared for all intents and purposes that this barred rock was mothering her two flock-mates!

What odd/unexpected/hilarious chicken behavior have you all witnessed?

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Apr 5, 2013
How sweet

Here's a scenario I never would have believed if I hadn't seen it. Last summer we had two hens hatch out a chick each. For various reasons that's just how it worked out. At about 5 weeks one hen decided to go back to the coop. Her chick didn't feel ready. She chirped and chirped, but mama held strong. The chick probably would have went in eventually had it not been for the second hen. She walked over with her chick and just plopped right down. She then took both chicks to her private quarters for another week or so and took both chicks to the coop. The fist chick reunited with her mama and all was right in the chicken world

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