Chickens don't go back to the coop


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8 Years
May 5, 2011
How do I get my chickens back in their coop easily? I just started letting my 3 week old chicks out when it is nice out, but they are only out when I have time to watch them. When I have to get them back in the coop they all run around and don't let me catch them...suggestions???
They don't want to go to bed untill sunset.
You have 2 choices; #1 schedule your life around your chickens schedule. #2 Build a huge fenced run, nice & secure.
The answer to your problem is "food."

They are very food motivated. My girls know when they hear the milk jug shaking there is going to be something good to eat and they come running. My girls are older and can have scratch and BOSS, but yours can have small bits of bread or some yogurt. You will be surprised how fast they learn.

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