Chickens don't know to go to bed

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  1. jacksonad

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    Jan 16, 2017
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    So my 9 week old lavender orpingtons have been in their coop for a little over a week. They come running out into their run when I let them out in the mornings but they will not go into the coop at night. They are always curled up in the corner of their run under the coop and I have to crawl under and put them inside one by one every night. Any ideas on how to get them to go to bed?
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    When it is starting to get dark, but still light enough for them to see where they are being put, put them all in the coop. Shut the door and give them some food. Repeat for a few days, hopefully this will help them realize that is where they are supposed to sleep.
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    It's usually best to keep them cooped up for a few days at least before allowing them out into the run.
    That can help, but not always.
    Another thing to look at is there windows for light in the coop, it may be too dark inside.
    You could also use one of those battery operated puck lights inside the coop as dusk to attract them inside as it get dark out.
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    It's rare for chicks to figure out that they need to go back into the coop at night, so I teach mine.

    It's much easier than most people think. If your coop is the big kind where you can get inside, the easiest way is to wait until the chicks are gathered together and making their trilling bedtime noises and you then get inside and coax them in with treats.

    It helps to have a light inside, even a small flashlight, so the inside of the coop is lighter than outside. I call them and show them I have meal worms and they are inside in a flash. No need to run them down and catch them which stresses everyone, you included. In just a couple nights of this, they will be going inside on their own.

    I suggest you teach them to come when you call them before you attempt this. This only takes a few minutes and the chicks learn fast to respond to any verbal cue if you use their favorite treat. It will make teaching them to go into the coop a breeze.
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    Jan 16, 2017
    Nanaimo,B.C. Canada
    Been trying the light in the coop for a few days. Worked some nights and not others. Figured out that ambient light is key. Pointed at the roof and they go right in. Pointed at the door and they don't. Tonight I pointed the light straight up and threw some BOSS in and up the ramp and everyone went inside at sunset. Hopefully the trend continues. Thanks for the help as always
  6. peeper89

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    Feb 21, 2017
    Have to put them to bed for while until they old enough to know how. When gets to be dusky-set them in house roost.

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