Chickens dying!?!

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  1. lowringfarm

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    Feb 27, 2016
    Hi! We just got our first batch of hens. We bought 20 all together, half went to my mothers and half with us. In the 2 weeks we've had them we've 6 die of our own, my mother has had 5 die. When we received them they were extremely wormy, we wormed them immediately. They have no apparent reason to be dying, some we can tell are sickly and others have no symptoms of being. Only obvious thing we encountered today is one of our hens was not moving much. Eyes were swollen shut with green puss coming out and also out of her nose. Other than that we have no explaination on others! Any ideas what could be causing them to die???
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    Welcome to BYC. It sounds as though they were not kept in a good environment, and could be suffering from a respiratory disease such as coryza or mycoplasma (MG.) Do they have a bad odor. aside from the droppings? You could go out and buy antibiotics, vitamins with electrolytes, probiotics, and such to treat them, but they may be carriers of the disease for life. I would probably cull them and start over with hatchery chicks or at least from a feed store. If you chose to treat them, use Tylan or Oxytetracycline in their water, clean their eyes with saline, and make sure they are drinking the medicine. Keep them warm around 85 degrees F with a heat lamp. If you lose another one or two, I would refrigerate the bodies and send them or take them to your state vet for a necropsy. Then you would know what disease they have. Most respiratory diseases are chronic, may come back, create carriers for life of the whole flock, and the chickens may not ever gain weight or lay well. Awful people who raise baby chicks like that, then sell them to unsuspecting people, are not very good people.
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    What wormer did you use. I wormed mine with Safeguard and only as a preventive measure. I did the first round and everything was fine, but after the second round I lost 3. I sent one off for a necropsy and it did test positive for coccidiosis. It just seems weird to me that all of a sudden to loose 3. They varied in age 1 was about 4 months, 9 months & the other was probably 2 yrs or so. No newly introduced birds. I just wonder if the worming may them susceptible. I don't know, but I'll probably never deworm again. I'm very sorry for your loss. I know how heart breaking it is to loose them. It's a shame that people sell sick birds, and cause such heartache. That's why I stopped buying adult birds. I only buy chicks from my pet chicken. They have awesome chickens. I've ordered chicks from them many times, and have never had an issue. Chicks always arrive happy and healthy. Good Luck to you
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    I have used Safeguard on some very sick birds and have not lost any from using Safeguard.

  5. lowringfarm

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    Feb 27, 2016
    Thank y'all all so much! We ended up listening to each and a some others were gurgling, one had eye pushed back in socket. We decided to cull them and are keeping the rest as they are they only ones that have gained weight!

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