Chickens eating stray cat poop........


12 Years
Sep 5, 2007
San Antonio, TX
Hello to all. I have an issue with stray cats pooping in my yard. I live in the city and have 4 chickens and a peacock. The stray cats of the nieghborhood are pooping in my yard so when I let my chickens out during the day they dig up the poop and chase each other for it eating it like they have never eaten so great. One just started to lay eggs and I don't want to eat the eggs after seeing that. Now they have diarrhea. Should I give them antibiotics just incase, and not let them out till their little systems are clean? On the other hand, how do I prevent the cats from pooping in my yard so my chickens can roam free. Free of eating cat poop. Any suggestions are of great help. Thanks -- Yvette
1. Worm your chickens

2. Get a cat trap, and take the cat to your local animal shelter. Do not pass Go and do not collect $200

It is probably not a good idea to give your chickens antibiotics; they wouldn't work anyway for the issue you are having.

Good luck.

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